About Me

Most of you who have come here did so by my invitation, which means you already know me. No long “About Me” intro necessary, yet. When I go a little more public with this story, or I start seeing subscribers that I don’t recognize, I’ll put a little bio here.

The purpose for this website was to have a place to post my original fiction. I have character profiles and outlines and drabbles in this world, but there are still a lot of things unclear to me. You all know I process best when I write, so that’s what this website is about, exploring my characters and the world they live in. It’s gonna be messy. Lots of editing and re-editing will happen along the way. If you’re still game, welcome aboard.

What I’d love in the comments or via askbox in Tumblr is constructive feedback. What’s working for you? What needs more clarification? Ask me questions if you have them, since I’m getting to know this story as well.

Your name and email is not a required field for the comments. The fields are just there as part of the website package. If you want to send me a private message, I’ll figure something out, there might be a plugin somewhere. In the meantime, you can send me a private message via skcolicity.tumblr.com/ask. (EDIT: I’ve added a contact form, you’ll find it in the menu.)

Thanks for joining me on this wild journey as I find my sea legs!

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